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Technical analysis


$ 108.48

52w range

$ 105.23 - $ 178.98



Volume/ average

964,048/ 375,755





Everbridge is an American software company in the field of personal security and events for business continuity (Critical event management, CEM).

EVBG is a stock that we have already analyzed in June 2021 from a fundamental point of view.

EVBG had a rather regular pattern since May 2020 and we believe that at current fluctuations it presents an excellent risk/reward ratio.

  • We note that the $ 104 - $ 114.00 area has played the role of a bullish reversal zone more than once.

  • The price is very extended to the downside and in convergence with a strong support area

  • RSI largely oversold: in the last 4 years, the RSI has reached oversold only 3 times

At the moment EVBG is moving rapidly to the downside and we believe that the primary consolidation and then reverse area to the upside will be represented by the $ 104- $ 114.00 range.

In the event that the stock's bearish momentum also breaks the $ 104.00 barrier, we would look to $ 88.00 as the next entry point.

During the 3 phases of an inversion formation, descent, consolidation and recovery, we are still in the first one, but we are keeping the stock monitored for suitable long positions: below are two possible scenarios based on our analysis.

Analysis 1 Analysis 2

Entry range $ 114.00 - $115.00 Entry range $ 93.00 - $88.00

Target 1 $ 156.00 Target 1 $ 125.00

Target 2 $ 170.00 Target 2 $ 156.00

Stop loss $ 95.00 Stop loss $ 70.00

OTB Global Investments

24 November 2021

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