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Fundamental Analysis: SCHNEIDER NATIONAL INC. (#SNDR)

Schneider National (#SNDR) is an American transport and logistics company, one of the largest carriers of trucks in the United States.

In 2020, the company paid a special dividend of $ 2 per share: we do not exclude that history may repeat itself in 2021.

We consider the stock a good pick for a "dividend” portfolio at the current price of approx. $ 20.00.

Key factors:

1) The special-dividend can be repeated.

In the middle of the November Schneider paid a special dividend of $2 per share, dividend yield in combination with ordinary dividends was about 10%. Therefore something similar might be expected for 2021. With this in mind, the shares are considered for a dividend portfolio.

2) A stable financial position and a lot of cash on the balance.

Schneider was not particularly hard hit in the financial situation due to pandemic and lockdown measures. From 2020, it is expected to report only a slight deterioration in financial performance.

For 2021, according to Bloomberg's consensus, forecast indicators may again move to growth. in addition, the company 's net cash position at the end of the 3rd quarter

2020 was about $500 million.

3) There is an underestimation of the company's shares compared to similar on the market. To date, the company's shares are traded with a significant discount to their fair value: we estimate the fair to be $ 45, which gives a 40% on the current price of $ 21.00

OTB Global Investments

London, 15 December 2020

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