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Fundamental Analysis: SYNOPSYS (#SNPS)

Synopsys is an American electronic design automation company that focuses on silicon design and verification, silicon intellectual property and software security and quality.

💡Credit Suisse, given the potential growth in demand in China and the company's performance, is raising its price target from $ 265 to $ 300.

⚡️Growth Factors:

  • Synopsys is the largest electronics design CAD company: the most famous product is "Design Compiler", a logic synthesis tool.

  • One of the company’s growth assumption is that China is a growing market while IC (semiconductor) design activities extend beyond Huawei.

  • Synopsys posted over 30% business growth in China in FY2020. In fiscal 2021 and 2022, growth is expected to slow to 20%.

  • Continuous development of the electronics design automation (EDA) area that account for 6% -8% of the compound annual growth rate of semiconductor production.

  • Potential to gain new customers in the hyperscale computing and automotive industries, together with software and integration consulting division that lay the foundation for future growth.

📖 Financial indicators:

  • Return vs Market: SNPS exceeded the US Market which returned 31.2% over the past year

  • Growing Profit Margin: SNPS's current net profit margins (18.9%) are higher than last year (14.3%)

  • Earnings vs Market: SNPS's earnings (15.1% per year) are forecast to grow slower than the US market (19.5% per year)

  • Short Term Liabilities: SNPS's short term assets ($2.4B) exceed its short term liabilities ($2.2B)

  • Long Term Liabilities: SNPS's short term assets ($2.4B) exceed its long term liabilities ($954.6M)

  • Debt Coverage: SNPS's debt is well covered by operating cash flow (938.8%)

✅ Synopsys #SNPS

🎯 Target price - $ 300, growth potential + 35%.

OTB Global Investments

London, 10 March 2021

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