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Thermo Fisher Scientific (#TMO) is one of the oldest R&D and medical equipment manufacturers in the United States. The company offers scientific instruments, supplies, and chemicals. Key markets are pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, diagnostics and healthcare, academic and government, and industrial and applied research.

We believe it's a good purchase for an "Optimal Risk" portfolio for the price $ 449.16.

Key factors :

💡 Strong results in the 3d quarter: EBITDA growth rate.

The Company demonstrated, in 2020, an increase in profits by 35.9% and Growth Profit grew by 57.1%.

Last quarter EBITDA grew by 86% and reached $3billions.

EPS grew by 134.3% and reached $4.82.

Free cash flow increased by 160% and reached $2.34billions.

The key trigger to date is the COVID19, the increase of testings as well as the production of vaccines on mass scale, make TMO one of the main beneficiary.

💡 New Buy Back, another positive moment for TMO stocks is the company's planned buy back at $2.5, already agreed by board of directors.

💡 TMO stocks seem to be undervalued compared to the Life Science industry major players: P/E ratio (35.8x) is below the industry average 42.4x

OTB Global Investments

25 November 2020

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