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Performance OTB Global Investments: March - September 2021

Performance OTB Global Investments
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Dear Client,

Here below the results of our stocks analysis published from March to September 2021 on the OTB platform.

There are currently 15 active stocks, of which 8 open before September. 2 stocks remain "unfilled" as the entry range has not yet been reached.

In September, they reached their target: Airbnb (ABNB) + 9.68% and + 18.88%, Eldorado Gold Corporation (EGO) -9.41%, Global X Gaming ETF (HERO) + 5.12%, Taiwan Semincondutor Manufacturing (TSM) +5.08 %, Alibaba Group Holding -14.15%.

The performance of September 2021, better than the benchmark, was -2.86%: the exposure to the energy and industrial sector is allowing a good performance and we believe that this trend can last at least until the end of the year.

The negative performance in September was mainly due to the technology sector which suffered the increase in the US yield.

We still maintain exposure to this sector from which we expect an improvement in the coming months.

Our strategy remains in line with our expectations, focusing primarily on small and mid cap stocks.

We prefer to focus on those sectors that are underperforming the reference market, thus allowing us to benefit from possible bullish upsides over a medium-term time horizon.

OTB Global Investments

8 October 2021

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