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Sector Analytics: Trends in the healthcare industry.

A survey by Baird of CFOs at healthcare companies (80 of the companies they lead generate about $ 76 billion in annual revenues and about 84,000 licensed hospital beds) indicates a somewhat optimistic mood for 2021.

👉🏻 The share of capital expenditures on medical equipment is expected to increase next year, and spending priorities will be in line with the main trends of this year: sterilization and disinfection, intensive care unit capacity, intensive care monitoring and emergency resuscitation care.

Several survey topics highlighted the effectiveness of the following companies:

• Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (#SRG)


👉🏻 Of the covered companies working in the musculoskeletal area, It is noted that the data is generally encouraging: the number of patients should increase slightly in 2021 compared to 2020. There is a persistence or slight increase in prices for implants, as well as the potential growth of supplier partners over the next few years.

In addition, interest in robotic technology has grown again:

• Stryker Corporation (#SYK) - best positioned for the treatment of hip and knee joints.

• Medtronic PLC (#MDT) - spine treatment.

👉🏻 Medical institutions expect the total number of visits in 2021 at 94% of the 2020 level. Medical technology budgets are expected to grow slightly next year, while spending priorities will include revenue growth and telemedicine, which is positive for the following companies:

• R1 RCM Inc. (#RCM)

• Phreesia Inc. (#PHR)

• Teladoc Health Inc. ( #TDOC)

👉🏻 In biomedical development and diagnostics, the most positive results, were shown by:

• Exact Sciences Corporation (#EXAS)

• NanoString Technologies Inc. (#NSTG)

👉🏻 In the case of Exact Sciences: 70% of respondents indicated an increase in the use of home screening for colon cancer. This trend is expected to continue globally after the pandemic.

Detailed analytics as such, help us to understand trends in the healthcare industry,

Our favorites in the sector are Medtronic PLC (#MDT) and Teladoc Health Inc. (#TDOC).

OTB Global Investments

London, 30 December 2020

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