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Weekly market brief: 9 - 13 Agosto 2021

FTSE 100 (#UKX)

The FTSE 100 ended the week up + 0.50%

For the week ahead we are in favour of a retrace to 7,080


This week the FTSE managed to move well above the 50MA and given the series of doji candles we could now expect a slight retrace.

MACD is positive and has managed to break through the 0 barrier. The histogram formed on Friday suggests a slight loss of momentum.

Despite the positive week, RSI remained flat and consolidated below 60.

Support at 6,980

Resistance at 7.165


The FTSEMIB had a positive week up + 1.30%

For the week ahead, we expect a slight retracement to 25,700


The index managed to break through the strong resistance at 25,554 reaching the psychological level of 26,000. Given the distance from the 50MA and previous moves, we can expect a slight retracement to then continue to the upside.

MACD is positive and above 0, stating the positive momentum of the index.

Negative note is instead given by the RSI which reports a divergence between current prices and those of early June: this could support the theory of a slight retracement at least in the short term.

Support at 25,554

Resistance at 26.184


The DAX ended the week up + 0.79%

For the coming week we expect a retracement to 15,650 and then continue the uptrend.


The DAX was once again pushed back to 15,800, closing the week with a doji candle indicating indecision about what future moves could look like.

The MACD is positive confirming the positive momentum of the index

The RSI is still fluctuating at levels below the resistance level that has been in place since late June.

Support for 15,736

Resistance at 15.948

S&P500 (#SPX)

The S&P500 had a week with a slight increase of + 0.36%

For the week ahead, we expect a drop to 4,390


The index after reaching a new high could now test previous levels. The MACD was basically flat during the week.

In addition, the RSI is in strong divergence with the price if we compare the current level with July 2, 2021.

The trend remains strongly bullish but its retracement could offer further setup for long positions. We see a first bearish target at 4.390, intermediate support / resistance level

Support at 4.390

Resistance at 4.468


The NASDAQ had a week up + 0.46%

For the week ahead, the index could track down to 14.827. A strong break of this level could lead the index at 14,500


The Nasdaq after testing a new high seems to want to swing down again.

The MACD is signaling a gradual decline while the index is instead reaching new highs. The RSI is in strong divergence with the price when we compare current and 7th July prices.

We could mention a possible "head and shoulders" formation with the neckline at 14,420 but it is still too early to confirm it.

For the short term we expect a retracement to the current support,

Support at 14.827

Resistance at 15.226

DOW JONES (#DJI) The DOW JONES had a week up + 0.30%

For the week ahead, we expect a retracement to 34,800


The index managed to break through the strong resistance area, however ended the week with a bearish candle. The upward gap is certainly positive but are the MACD and RSI indicators that describe a weaker situation.

MACD and RSI, despite price reaching a new high, have been flat for the whole week: this suggests a possible retracement to then continue the uptrend.

Support for 35,096

Resistance 35,455

OTB Global Investments

8 August 2021

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