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This is what we do best!

Weekly market brief

  • Sent out to the clients every Sunday (US, EU and ME markets)

  • Useful document to discuss and circulate with your clients

  • Valuable tool for short term tactical allocation

Satellite portfolio

  • Analysis of the core portfolio and construction of the satellite part

  • Benefits from sector rotation

  • Capital management over 12-18 months

U.S. options market weekly report

  • Sent out to the clients every Monday 

  • Coverage of US sectorial ETF, financial indexes and indicators

  • Helpful tool to understand the expected volatility for the week to come

Equity Research

  • Coverage of European and US equities

  • Each report is based on fundamentals and technical aspects

  • 12 - 18 months expectations

Alternatives & Hedging strategies

  • Wine investments focused on Italian and Southern Europe productions

  • Portfolio construction of selected wines

  • No Capital Gain Tax (CGT) applied 

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