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Who we are

We want to become the most trusted partner to enhance the relationship with private clients and investors

How can we help you

OTB Global Investments Research was founded to answer a simple question:


"How can we help to improve the relationship with private clients?"

  • Be independent 

  • Tailored made equity research

  • Focus on satellite portfolio construction

Our clients are now able to offer personalised solutions with tactical allocation over 12 - 18 months with focus on liquidity and risk.

Depending on the type of service chosen by our clients. we share our market view and provide increasing customised investment research.

Today, our main clients are

  • Financial advisors 

  • Investors

  • Private banks

  • Institutions

Investment specialist support

Worldwide presence

Based in Italy, we have sales representatives across major countries in the world.

At the moment our clients are located in

  • Southern Europe

  • Middle East

  • West Africa

  • India

Get in touch with our Team to understand how we can help you

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