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Sector Analytics: Cybersecurity

The IT sector is still one of the most interesting and sought-after on the stock market.

Despite the growth rate of technology stocks is declining, as many of them look quite expensive, we do believe there are segments whose prospects look very attractive.

Among others, we focus our attention on the cybersecurity service segment.

Why do we think is important?

1) Mass transition to remote work

The increasing number of people working from home and that will continue in the future, brought major attention on the trasmissione and storage of data outside the "office environment'. Demand for such services is growing and with it the cybersecurity services market.

2) The working from home setup is likely to continue: Companies have adjusted rapidly and they can now save massive rental costs.

3) Strong focus on cloud protection and non-partisan authentication: In order to make all this work from home function properly, it is necessary to provide high level of information protection.

Therefore, cloud storage protection and role authentication will play a crucial role for the industry

4) Hackers: There is no limit to perfection. It's no secret that hackers in recent years have become more artful and sophisticated then ever. This factor, in our view, is also a one of the triggers of the cybersecurity industry.

Moreover, the evolution of an attack is usually accompanied by rising resistance level and efficiency into the market.

Who is the main beneficiary of the situation?

Our top picks are

Norton Life Lock (#NLOK)

Check Point Software Technologies (#CHKP)

Fortinet Inc (#FTNT)

Citrix Systems Inc (#CTXS)

There are a lot of companies in the field of information security. It's a good place to be. We highlight 10 notable and significant companies , not counting multi-disciplinary giants such as Microsoft, for example.

Of these, we rank the most interesting (top picks)

Norton, Check Point, Fortinet and Citrix.

OTB Global Investments

London, 20 November 2021

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