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Technical Analysis


$ 128.88

52w range

$ 121.23 - $ 165.00



Volume/ average

561,193/ 701,410





Universal Health Services, Inc. is an American company that provides hospital and health services, headquartered in Pennsylvania. In 2020, its annual revenues were $ 11.6 billion.

UHS, after an excellent recovery between 2020 and 2021, in recent months has retraced significantly to a level that we consider to be a strong area of ​​support and a possible baseline for bullish upside in the medium term.

  • The $ 121.00 area has played a very important role since 2015, leading to a bullish recovery or bearish continuation. Given how from March to November 2020 it acted as a resistance, we believe it can now play the role of support for a bullish recovery in the medium term.

  • MACD, despite being below 0, has begun to move upward despite a decreasing price that lately entered in consolidation.

  • RSI, after reaching a strong oversold zone, gained ground despite a consolidating price.

In our opinion, the push that brought UHS from $ 65.00 (March 2020) to $ 165.00 (June 2021) is justified as a more than physiological retracement in favour of a bullish recovery.

The positive divergence between RSI and MACD indicators and the price coupled with the breach of the 50MA, which we believe to be imminent, leads us to a bullish analysis for UHS.

Entry range $ 127.00 - $132.00

Target 1 $ 140.00

Target 2 $ 156.00

Target 3 $ 169.00

Stop loss $ 110.00

OTB Global Investments

26 November 2021

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